About Belbec

Belbec is an international networking business built to help everyone that want to improve their financial life through Multilevel Marketing. There is a need to reduce financial crisis in the world, this is why Belbec is created so that everyone can achieve greatness with the little they are starting with. There are amazing products we give to our Affiliates, these products comes as Shopping Vouchers/Incentives and they are used for personal consumption, every affiliate stand a chance to enjoy free and happy life, this is why we include free shopping to the compensation plan.

The compensation plan is designed and reviewed by great networkers across the world, these are people with combined business experience of over 100 years in the network marketing industry. Achieving greatness requires faith and smart work, that is why Belbec adopt three mode ( Unilevel, Binary and Matrix) of payment to satisfy the payment to the affiliate, the business plan is set up in stages and there are great rewards for entering and completion of each stages.

As a new affiliate, you will be trained by leaders to become a pro in Belbec, this will make you earn nice figure, all you need to do is to believe. Top leaders are rewarded with special awards, for every activity carried out to build their team, you get rewarded with great incentives and acknowledgements.

We have an effective support where you can contact us directly and we will attend to you, only necessary issues will be attended to, our seminar centers are everywhere and you can walk up to any of them for free business presentation.




Belbec is into two things, these are where the company generate revenue. Crowd funding and Online Store, these three are in our portfolio and we are unveiling them one after the other. 


This is the first phase, also known as network marketing, multilevel marketing or home based business. People partner with us with one time payment of $10, the funding is to power the other phases of the business, commissions/rewards are paid to compensate affiliates for their trust and support to the business project.


Buying and selling of goods on our store is one of the crucial way to generate money, the store is an international one where anyone, anywhere in the world can make order of any product of their choice, these products can be picked at our PUC and they can be delivered to buyers in at their door step, anybody can buy from Belbec store, therefore more revenue and traffic is generated on the website and safe transactions are achieved, this alone is enough to take care of all incentives promised to our affiliates, even from the starter level up to the ultimate level.


1. Is it the truth?
2. Is it fair to all concerned?
3. Will it build good will?
4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?


To engage in activites that will eradicate poverty by empowering our Affiliates and help them achieve optimum success.

Human capital development and lectures to every coachable and teachable Affiliates on how to become financially ok and to help them achieve their financial dream in life.

To assits every affilliate  in building their team and making them leaders through constant seminars and proper infomation in MLM industry.


To make sure every Affiliate achieve greatness with little start up capital and little effort.

To be the best networking busines everyone will like to participate in by reviewing our plans and go on with what will be the best for the Affiliates and the system.