Frequently Ask & Questions

Belbec simply means Believe and Become, it is an online store where affiliates claim our products and also earn money at the same time

Belbec was founded and reviewed in 2019 with the idea of Multi Level Marketer Pros

Belbec was founded as an answer to many people's financial questions. We created the system, so people can experience an optimum financial freedom with the little amount they are coming in with.

No, Belbec is a Network Marketing Business, this is not a gambling business.

Just like any other online store, you can sign up as an affiliate anywhere in the world.

Every withdrawal is paid on Monday, also, there is a General wallet where you can transfer your fund to your upline in exchange of cash (This is immediate payment)

The products are available for our affiliates. You need to register before you purchase our products

You don't sell product in Belbec, the products you buy are meant to be used by yourself and your family

On every one you register with your ID/Username, you earn $2, so if they are 100 people that's $200! Also on every one you produce in your matrix, you earn unlimitedly, this ranges from $4 up till $50000

Yes, BELBEC operates in all countries

*Pick Up Center* is Belbec outlets where we send our products to for members to claim their product(s)

Yes, That's one of the ways we generate money to pay our affiliates

No, the products are sold out as incentives to you.

Products are available available PUC, just walk up to anyone close to you and claim it.

Yes, you can collect cash from your intending down lines and transfer from your e-wallet for the purpose of registration.

It depends on individual abilities and capabilities.

You pay your partnership contribution using E-Wallet, bank, cash or payment gateway as may be applicable from time to time. And receive your benefits through E-Wallet or with your local bank account. Your local bank account is credited monthly for withdrawals. Minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $50 and this is paid within 24 hours.

You get e-wallet through the company directly or through your Upline.

Yes, through the payment gateway as may be communicated from time to time.

Yes, you can collect cash from your intending down lines and transfer from your e-wallet for the purpose of registration.

No, here, there is no break away. Your down line follows you all through your life time in this business. However, an active down line can overtake an upline.

Belbec is a financial institute created to last till forever