About Pics

Every one want to live a good life, every one want  to earn money in seven (7) figures, build the best house, ride a nice car. We have our different dreams, but the difference between those that are achieving their dreams and those that are not is "price", there is a price to pay for whatever we want to become, becoming like the great ones, we need to be great at initial, you can’t radiate what you don’t have inside of you, every one have an idea, every one have a plan, but due to some reasons not everyone is able to achieve thier dreams, there’s always someone or something we always hold responsible for the life we are living, maybe the government, our parent, the school we attended and others, but this is the truth, your situation doesn’t get better by putting blame on any anyone, you need to do something to make things better!

The economy Is not getting better, the government can’t do it all, in past ten years, the number of university graduates were lesser, but now? Millions of youth out there with good certificate are looking for job, some were sacked in their job just because the company do not have enough to pay their staffs, we are increasing everyday and it seems the room is crowded already. 

Many after working for the government for years retired with little or nothing, many are not better than those do not go to school, from experience we have noticed that academic intelligence is not a function of wealth, you don’t become rich by going to school, you become rich by discovering yourself, different talents we have, but we were caged in a place for years just to learn how to work for people, no body is taught how to be rich in school, every rich person discovered that by themselves. There is a talent God has giving every successful person and that talent plus hard work has made them become who they are today, you can't have all talents, but God has giving every one a common one and this is where our ideology comes in, every  one can talk, every one can recommend something good to someone, but the truth is we don’t get paid by recommending people to businesses. Here in Belbec, we pay you each time you introduce people to become an affiliate with us, and this reflect in your electronic wallet each time you introduce a new member to the system, you keep getting this till you circle out of the system. We encourage every member from the starter to the Ultimate because every one count. Belbec is created not just to sell products, but to build leaders and topp earners, the system is designed and your success is based on your activities, you decide to earn big or small, which ever way you want it, you will be happy for being an affiliate.



Belbec create this opportunity with the idea to help the youth, the poor and those that are ready to improve their life financially. This is the idea, before you become a true success you must have affected lives positively, this is why we don’t put big incentives in front of cash that will make people’s life better, true success is a gradual process of change to a more advanced stage, giving out big incentives you won't be able to manage is like a punishment, a punishment in disguise anyway, and past experience shows that, leaders tends to make followers work by themselves while they sit up there to enjoy bonuses without giving full support to their team members, sometimes this is not their fault, but because of how the system was designed, Belbec has made this simple as we make you get paid directly on your direct sponsors and this payment will continue until you become a true success!